Since 1983, Chuck Lysaght and the entire Lysaght team have been providing creative, efficient and durable structural solutions to architects, general contractors, artists and large corporations. With the experience and determination to successfully solve any structural hurdle, combined with the professionalism and focus to get the project done on time, we are confident that our team is ready to provide the structural solution you are looking for. And while we understand the serious nature of our business, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have a little fun along the way!

Our experience includes the latest in steel, heavy timber, light frame timber, light-gauge, reinforced concrete, masonry, and everything in between. In addition to structural design, we also provide on-site and third-party inspections, shop drawings, peer review, and research where required. And while some of us have been known to pull out our old slide rules every once in awhile, our most important tools are BIM (Building Information Modeling) using Revit, as well as AutoCAD and structural design software. What’s more, we partner with our local universities, code councils, architects and other engineers to stay at the forefront of technology, while remaining grounded to the design principles required.

And with the recent addition of Construction Management, L&A clients can now take advantage of services from initial to final design, and project management throughout all phases of cost estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and construction.

From multi-use/multistory condominiums to earth-cast concrete artwork in high seismic regions, our broad experience will show through the quality of our work. We look forward to talking with you to find out how we can help.

Edenton Cotton Mill, Edenton, NC